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The 'Monitor' application, which consists of 2 parts, a MonitorServer (linux daemon) and a MonitorClient (java gui), will enable the user to monitor and log server process, memory, network and cpu information of multiple servers at a time.

The MonitorClient part is written in Java and is able to connect to one or more Servers that are running the MonitorServer part of the Monitor application. The client will poll the servers at user specified intervals and will provide a graphical representation of the recources (mem, cpu, nic and process information) of one server at a time. In addition the MonitorClient is able to log the information of all the servers, each server in a different logfile in a coprehesive CSV format.

The MonitorServer is a seperate application written in C++ and linked to omniORB4 to minimize the load it imposes on the server that is beeing monitored. When the MonitorServer is not beeing polled by a MonitorClient it sits idle. The client will of course run on any platform that supports Java, but the server currently only supports Linux, kernels 2.2, 2.4, 2.6 and possibly (not tested) 2.0 and >2.6.

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